Pongsatorn Sukhum was born in St. Helens, England in 1965. At the age of two, he moved back to his native Thailand.

"I have always been fascinated with the underwater world. Like many growing up in that era, I was glued to the television set, mesmerized while Cousteau and his team aboard the Calypso explored the depths in their diving suits and saucers. Then I would jump into the deep end of my swimming pool and pretend that I was in the ocean exploring shipwrecks."

He became one of the youngest members of the prestigious Diving Science Unit of Heriot-Watt University, while attending private school in Edinburgh. He remained with Dive Sci until 1982 then moved to Manchester to attend University. Sukhum started taking images underwater with borrowed Nikonos gear and eventually switched to an SLR and Housing after returning from Post Graduate studies.

After a decade of shooting color underwater, he switched to black and white in order to better reveal the silhouette of the wrecks and to capture the light and mood at those great depths.

He continues to combine his love for diving, photography, and shipwrecks. In the process, he has amassed a large collection of books, documents, and maps - all related to vessels that may be sunk in the area.

He has recently created a photo essay titled "Bringing Wrecks to Life" that aims to induce interest in shipwreck preservation in Thailand, through the use of images and first-hand accounts of life aboard these World War II ships.

His black and white underwater photographs have received numerous accolades including honourable mentions across multiple categories at the 2008 Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3), the 2008 International Photography Awards (IPA), and the 2010 Black and White Spider Awards. He was inducted into Wyland's Ocean Artists Society in 2011.

"With these images, I wish to produce inviting work that slowly reveals a profound, more intricate core. I wish to capture the soul of these ships, and bring these wrecks to life..."

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